High School Students to Compete Alongside the Best Truck Drivers in Maine

There’s been a lot of discussion in recent years about the need to get people interested in the trucking industry while they’re still young — before they have a chance to get out of high school and embark on a different career. The Maine Professional Drivers Association has been doing exactly that with a student driving competition for some time.

The Dick Dolloff Memorial Student Driving Competition is for high school students enrolled in commercial truck driving classes at four vocational schools in Maine. This event is sponsored by an association of these schools with assistance from the Maine Motor Transport Association, the Maine Professional Drivers Association, and members of the Maine State Police.

This year’s event was held a few weeks ago, where about 50 students tested their skills in a two-part competition. The first part is driving skills where students will maneuver around obstacles similar to what they might encounter on a daily basis while driving. The second part is the pre-trip portion. There are two classes of competition: Class B (which is a straight truck) and Class A (tractor-trailer).

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