National Truck Driver Appreciation Week

Every year in September we take time out to thank all of our loyal Driver owners through National Truck Drivers AppreciationNTDAW Dates picture Week. This week long event was created to honor not just the drayage services that RTSI specializes in, but all truck drivers from oil tankers to overweight and project cargo moves. Most of the products that our economy runs on are in some part delivered or handled by a truck driver. From the clothing we wear, to the food we eat, it was at some point handled or delivered by a truck driver. They allow our economy to operate, and many people take it for granted. This week is designed to highlight this often underappreciated occupation, and we here at RTSI say thank you for all of the miles you have driven and the tons of cargo you have delivered safely and on time. It is amazing how so much of our economy and well being can be tied to one industry. With this we once again say thank you for your service, patience, and dedication to the job of Truck Driver.

INFOGRAPHIC: 10 Facts About Truck Drivers’s LifeSource: Fueloyal


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